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3D Holocube Displays

3D Holograms Holocube Displays for POS
3D Holograms Holocube Displays for POS
3D Holograms Holocube Displays for Absolut

The new patented 3D Holocube Displays creates 3D holograms by projecting video content onto a clear acrylic film to give the effect of a real product or person actually being inside the display.  We can produce the 3D Holocube Displays to any size with built in HD screens at the top to project the video content.  The boxes can be made from plain or printed card that be can integrated into existing displays, or we can produce custom casings in a materials of your choice.

We also offer smaller sized 3D Holocube Displays, where mobile phones or tablets can be inserted at the top to produce amazing 3D holograms which are cost effective and great for promotional giveaways.

Content is key to this technology to create the 3D hologram content and Display Innovations offers a full content creation and filming service.



  • Content can be created by Display Innovations
  • Content can be updated by SD Card or remote access via WIFI
  • Mains powered



  • Retail
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Supermarkets