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Electroluminescent Technology –
Technical Spec

Electroluminescent Displays Technical Spec
Brightness 200cd/m²
30,000 Hours depending on the lamps environment, driving condition and duty cycle
Warranty 6 months factory warranty for all Electroluminescent panels and Inverters
Sign Material
Multi-laminate construction
Sizes & Shapes
Custom shapes available. Any size can be achieved by joining panels together
Viewing Angle
>160 Degrees
Applied Voltage
AC 50 Vrms to AC 220Vrms (For Split-Electro up to 350vac)
Applied Frequency
50 HZ to 3 KHZ
Indoor/ Outdoor
Can operate in both environments
Operating Temperature
-20 degrees ~50 degrees (Nor.) / 70 degrees (Max)
Storage Temperature
-40C to + 70C
Operating Humidity
0% ~ 90%
Operating Current (100vrms/ 400Hz
1.5~2.5 mA /sq.in
Operating Power
Low power consumption. Approx 5-10 watts
Power Resources
DC 1.5V to 24V and or AC110/220V
Power Inverter Different power configurations to optimize sign parameters
2 – 5 nF / sq.in
0.2~0.4mm (min 0.119mm For 2nd Generation Foil)
Panel Weight
A typical display with size of 152mm x 305mm weighs ~284g
No Ultraviolet Radiation emitted
Bend Radius
0.25″ – Normal 2nd Generation Foil – Foldable
Normal Edge Seal
Minimum Edge Seal 0.03″(0.76mm)
Lead pulling 0.5kg 10sec.
Lead Bending 90 degrees 250gr bending 2 times
Soldering Heat Resistance 250 degrees 3sec>3mm distance from EL panel with extra force applied
Testing Environmental, Storage & temperature Shock Tests
Certifications All Certifications for Electroluminescent panels and Inverters are available upon request.