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Digital LED Screens –
Shelf-edge Displays

digital LED shelf-edge displa
Shelf-edge Digital Displays
Shelf-edge Digital Displays

The digital LED screens are also available in strips that are suitable for digital shelf-edge displays.  The LED strips are available in 303mm x 60mm (h) and can be configured and synced in rows according to your requirements.

Configuring digital LED displays of this size and in this way allows digital messaging to be presented on shelf-edge displays and updated remotely.  The 1.25mm pitch with 600nits brightness provides a clear and bright image to display the digital content.



  • Experienced design and installation team
  • Selection of LED pixel pitches available from 1.25mm
  • CMS with Media player is supplied according to client control requirements
  • Ability to produce any size, shape or configuration


Technical Spec:

Below are the technical specifications for our digital LED shelf-edge displays. Technical specifications may change according to the design, so these are for guidance purposes only.