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Android Tablets

Android Tablets - Front view
Android Tablets - Back view

Display Innovations offers Android tablets in numerous sizes, which have great applications for both store staff and customers.

Store staff can use the Android tablets for data entry, ordering online or presenting other options or products to their customers. Customers can use the tablets as interactive touchscreens, so that they can gain the exact product information that they wish to receive at their fingertips, allowing customers to search in more detail and specify their requirements through different ranges, colours, prices, etc.

The data or advertisement can be updated remotely or wirelessly via a 3G or WIFI network. As well as the Tablet containing many built in programs, Display Innovations also offers the service to develop a new User Interface or App for their specified use.


Capacitive Touch Screen:
A capacitive touchscreen consists of an insulator such as glass, which is coated with a transparent conductor.  As the human body also conducts electricity, touching the surface of the screen, results in a distortion of the screens electrostatic field.  This distortion can be measured as a change in the capacitance and different technologies can be used to determine the exact position of the touch.

The main disadvantage of capacitive touch technology is that the touchscreen will not function if the user is wearing gloves and only a special capacitive stylus can be used.  This technology is typically used on mobile phones and tablets.


  • POS Display stands
  • Reception Desks
  • Retail store staff aids
  • Information Points
  • CDU's (Counter Display Units)
  • Kiosks
  • Shelf-edge Displays

Technical Spec:

Below are the technical specifications for all available digital screen sizes. Technical specifications may change from time to time, so these are for guidance purposes only.

All products are custom made and therefore, we can amend the input types, input position and any other aspect of the specification to suit your requirements.