Display Innovations

e-Paper Displays

e-Paper Displays for Electrolux
250mm x 134mm
Mounted onto PVC backing
6 cell batteries recessed inside the PVC backing
Attached to Electrolux oven door instore
e-Paper Displays for AEG
600mm x 134mm
Mounted onto PVC triangular display
6 cell batteries mounted inside the triangular display
Counter Display Unit application
e-Paper Displays for Electrolux
Electrolux Hob
462mm x 320mm
Mounted onto PVC backing
12 cell batteries recessed inside the PVC backing
Attached to Electrolux hob

e-Paper Displays for Weatley

e-Paper Displays for Fireball

Buffalo Trace
e-Paper Displays for Buffalo Trace

e-Paper displays are paper thin electronic displays used for POS that can enhance any advertising campaign by giving motion to the existing ink on the advert, so that different areas are highlighted in any sequence.  All colours can be printed and highlighted; and Black or White inks can even appear and disappear to reveal hidden messages.  e-Paper displays draws more attention to the brand or message, which has been proven to dramatically increase sales.

We fully understand that a power source and cables are not always an option in some stores, in these instances, e-Paper can be a stand-alone unit.  It is ideal for countertop displays, integrating into a display stand or simply adhering onto shelves, where the batteries can last long enough for any campaign to highlight a promotion or product launch.

The displays can be powered using different Battery options of either 6 cell, 2AA, Lithium or Solar and depending upon the size of the display and the battery type chosen, the batteries can last up to 2 years before they need to be replaced or recharged.

Prices for e-paper are dependent upon size, quantity and the amount of active segments.  Therefore, if you would like a quotation, please send us the artwork together with details of the size and quantity required and we will arrange to animate this for you and provide you with an accurate price based on your spec.


What are e-Paper displays?

e-Paper displays contain millions of microcapsules.  Each microcapsule contains positively charged White particles and negatively charged Black particles, which are suspended in a clear fluid.  When a negative charge is applied, the positively charged White particles move to the surface so that they are visible to the user and will appear White in that specific area.    The negatively charged Black particles are simultaneously pulled to the bottom of the surface so that they are hidden.  If this process is reversed (a positive charge is applied instead), then the Black particles will appear at the surface, which will appear Black in that specific area.

A layer of circuitry is produced and laminated onto a print layer.  The layer of circuitry can then be pre-programmed and controlled by a driver that will either positively or negatively charge the relevant segments in order to highlight them at different intervals, producing eye-catching animations.

E-Paper Displays Diagram


  • FSDU's
  • CDU's (Counter Display Units)
  • Shelf-edge Displays